Field of Dreams

By Western Farm Center Travel, Nature
2017 will be Western Farm Center’s 50th year in business. You don’t get that far in business without a tremendous amount of support from your local community and partners. We are going to make 2017 our year of giving back to our community because our community has done so much for us. We have an early opportunity with Sonoma County Animals Services and their Field of Dreams project. Western Farm Center has always been a huge proponent of pet adoption. Thousands of the dogs that have frequented our store are rescues along, with the many more cats at home, and we couldn’t be happier to serve them. The Field of Dreams project started by the volunteers of Sonoma County Animal Regulations has a real opportunity to increase a dog’s likelihood of being adopted, and we want to do everything we can to support that. To that end, we will be conducting a dollar-for-dollar fundraiser, up to $10,000, for a grand total of $20,000, to help Sonoma County Animal Services meet their goal of $60,000 by December 31st. We are on course to hit that goal so if you want to help our local shelter dogs have a better play/socialize yard and a better chance at getting into a loving home then come on down and make your donation at our store (or call us, we can do it over the phone) Sonoma County Animal Svcs Logo